JA Brunning

JA Brunning has finally sent a synopsis and the first three chapters of her novel off to a publisher. She finally got round to writing her first novel after she completed her PhD and discovered Time. She finally got round to actually finishing the novel after leaving her job as a lecturer in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Central Lancashire, and started working part-time as a writing development co-ordinator for an arts organisation based in Lancashire instead.

Her novel, Witherstone, is the first in a series of 5 books about a young teenager in 17th century England, Hephzibah Creswell, who discovers that she and her family have a sinister but unknown enemy. Hephzibah acts to try to save the life of her sister, a decision which leads to devastating consequences…

Witherstone is aimed at younger readers 12+ and for those who like cross-over fiction. Jane has previously written a play and had the occasional short story published, the most recent, “Dragon”, in Word Soup: Year One, published by the Lancashire Writing Hub. JA occasionally blogs at http://ribblebabel.blogspot.com

Brian Centrone
Brian Centrone
Brian Centrone was rejected from the creative writing programs at Brown, Sarah Lawrence, Emerson, Iowa and NYU. So instead he went to Manchester (UK). He has been working on his novel – currently titled: Confessions of an Ordinary Boy – for the last 10 years. Yes, he knows 😦
There has been two full drafts of the YA novel. One he finished for his Undergraduate Senior Thesis, the other, more recently, for himself. He is revising the book currently based off of feedback. So far he has queried one agent who posted an open call. He has yet to hear back from her. Brian would very much like to start up his own press and publish quality writers no one else will. You can find out more about Brian and his published works of short fiction and poetry on his blog: www.the-sausage-factory.blogspot.com

Sian Cummins

Sian CumminsSian finished her first novel, ‘Fluids’, last year and is represented by Cathryn Summerhayes at WME who is currently seeking a publisher. She is now completing a draft of her second novel, ‘The Elastica Principle’. She has started this group so writers can have readers for their finished work while they’re waiting for something to happen. Read more at www.siancummins.wordpress.com

Morag Gornall
Morag graduated with an M.A in Novel Writing at Manchester University in 2006. She has written two novels, with a third close to completion. Morag works full time as an educational psychologist and draws on her experience to explore relationships in her writing. She is an active member of Leicester Writers’ Club. Several agents have shown interest and have asked to read Morag’s novels in full but she is yet to be offered representation. Read more at http://middle-agedladyabouttown.blogspot.com/

Neil Leigh

My name is Neil.

I tell people I’m 29.

I have written a novel.

I smile quite often, mostly at things I shouldn’t.

I play the guitar.

I live in the North of England.

I like Old Jamaica and Glenmorangie.

Use of the word  ‘I’ throughout this blurb makes me queasy.



Gina Perry

Gina Perry

Gina Perry is a writer and storyteller based in Manchester, working as a creative practitioner in schools, libraries, museums and community groups around the North West.

After completing the MA in Novel Writing at the University of Manchester in 2006, she unexpectedly moved in to script writing, after a script she wrote was performed at the Contact Theatre at the end of 2006. Since then she’s had another play extract performed there, and has written and produced several others for Salford City Radio. In January 2010 her play, Journey’s End, was short listed for Replay Festival at the Library Theatre, and again for the 247 Festival. She is currently being mentored with North West Playwrights as part of the 247 Festival. (She’s also had some short stories and articles published online, but they’re not half as exciting.)

Though the play appears to be the thing, she’d still like to complete her novel, The Jester’s Rump, which she worked on for her MA, and has been tinkering with it on and off for the past ten years.

Emma Stott

Dark Acres or The Shadow Portrait is the first novel I’ve written. Or rather the first one I’ve finished. (Perhaps that half-forgotten other attempt will one day make it out of the bottom desk drawer). Dark Acres is part love letter, part parody; my tip of the hat to gothic sagas and the films of James Whale.

I’m currently working on my next novel – set in America in 1967 and a blending of Ken Kesey and Tod Browning: Inga, an extraordinarily beautiful girl decides to join a troupe of sideshow performers and allege herself with the ‘freaks.’

And speaking of 60s counter-culture I also write for Shindig! magazine.

It’s been my ambition to have a novel, a collection of short stories, and a book of poems published before I’m 30. I’m 28 so let’s now say 35…

Susie Stubbs

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