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Witherstone – J.A. Brunning

Our next book is ‘Witherstone’ by JA Brunning. You can join the discussion from 8pm UK time today by commenting on this post. You might also like to follow the Twitter tag #yettobebooks for live highlights from the comments.

The discussion will stay open indefinitely after the initial hour’s session, so if you’re reading this after 21st March, please still feel free to comment.

Some guidelines here.

Here are the first 100 words or so of the novel:

I couldn’t run fast enough, and knew we wouldn’t be able to escape. I looked back over my shoulder. Dad was right behind me, hauling on Mum’s arm, trying to help her keep up, and he was carrying my little sister Catherine as he ran. Mum’s face was hidden from me but I knew she was frightened for all of us. Catherine was stretching her arms back over Dad’s shoulder towards Grandma, and I groaned. I knew there was no way Grandma would be able to keep up. She was already way behind us, and I caught only glimpses of her as she fell further and further behind.

Next book – 21st March

Discussion on the next book, ‘Witherstone’ by JA Brunning, will start at 8pm UK time on Monday 21st March. Discussion stays open afterwards, so do comment later if you can’t make it then – there are usually some good general writing / reading topics discussed, so may be worth a look even if you haven’t read the book. See you then!

Next book

15/02/2011 1 comment

The next yet-to-be-published book to be discussed will be ‘Witherstone’ by JA Brunning. The opening hour for discussion will be 8pm UK time on 21st March, and the discussion will remain open after that.