Guidelines for reading and discussing are here. These are open for discussion.

  • Books (novels, collections of short stories or poems etc) are sent by email to participating group members once a month. After a month’s reading time, discussion is started online by an introductory blog post, and carried on by comments on the post.
  • Concentrated discussion is encouraged during an agreed hour slot, with members perhaps announcing that they’re online by posting a comment. However, discussion stays open after this and non-members will also be able to comment at any time.
  • The idea is not really to give ‘feedback’ but to discuss the book as a finished entity. discussions of context, style, characters, genre etc. are therefore preferable to suggestions about paragraphs that could be cut, typos etc. Because of the public nature of the blog, overarching negative comments won’t be approved, nor will spoilers.
  • Comments will need to be approved before they appear – this is to avoid spoilers or overarching negative comments. during the initial hour discussion, this will happen very quickly, after that it will be as often as I can manage it!
  • If there is anything the writer doesn’t want to have discussed on the blog, they can let the group know when submitting the book and no comments on that element will be approved.
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